Debra Collett


In the process of trying to make things more clear, I made them more complicated for myself. I've put together, set up and torn down a number of blogs over the years in the interest of "good branding". Marketers will tell you that things should be clean and neat - don't try to sell too many types of things in one place. For example, if you are a retailer who sells mittens and socks, don't try to sell oil changes on the same website.

However, I'm a writer. And one with a broad range of experiences (because I'm over 30), decently traveled (most of the United States), and diversely careered (at least 4, plus odd jobs) that makes it tough to pin me down. To "market myself" I just spent the better part of a day grumbling at web pages and muttering at formatting. I'm annoyed by algorithms, disgusted with data mining, and have sat with index finger poised over "Delete Account" more times than I can recall. I have spent more time sorting and promoting my work than I do actually writing.

Enough. I'll "be good" and keep myself in categories - Instagram, Facebook, and Ello all serve different audiences - but in the interest of keeping my sanity and productivity I'm only going to do one blog. So stick around; I've never been accused of being boring.


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