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Slow Slide into Sloth: S3

This fall/winter my morning routine hit 2 big snags: I ran out of money to exercise, and one of my adult children moved back in shortly before the holidays.

Regarding exercise: Central Illinois get as cold as Antarctic summers and often it just decides to rain ice, so oftentimes there’s no pretty snow to go out and play in. And. The. Wind! So, with no apologies to REI whatsoever, even the most native of us bring our workout routines inside. But this fall I realized I could not afford to keep attending my beloved Plank for my Barre and Pilates classes, so I’d have to try the best I could to keep it up at home. I did all right for a month, and then the next snag happened.

One of our adult children had a rental lease broken because the landlord “was taking their personal relationship to the next level”. Translation: My boyfriend is in – and you are out. While it was done with timely notice, between his full-time work/full-time school schedule there was not way for him to do everything necessary to get settled somewhere else before mid-terms and Thanksgiving.  Well – it wasn’t like he flunked adulting – so my husband and I said, “just come home for a bit”.

Presto-chango! The guest room & cleaning closet (which had been his bedroom when he was a toddler) was flipped to an adult’s bedroom, the rest of his furniture and housewares got packed and stacked in our basement, I re-rearranged things some things back to where they had been when the kids lived at home, and had a few angsty-but-humorous conversations with my girlfriends about having a kid back in the house after 3 ½ years of empty nesting.

Ladies and gentleman: this is how the best of schedules go awry. Our son has a second shift schedule, and the room I work out in is right above his bedroom, thus throwing my already-challenged exercise routine into flux. And while I have trained myself to be an early bird, I’m a night owl by nature. So having him home has given me an excuse to bump my internal clock back to its second-shift default setting. (Hey, the kid gets it from me.)

Disruptions to my exercise, sleep, and morning routines, all occurred the same time as winter set in - and did I mention we only have one bathroom?! Three months later, I find myself living in grime, weaving thru laundry baskets, and wondering if I have a kitchen counter. I understand how the slow slide into sloth (S3) happened. Now it’s time to dig myself out.

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